July 8, 2018 2:44 pm

At sambazart.com you will find illustrations and paintings ranging in mediums from graphite pencil, charcoal, acrylic, oil paint, and some mixed medium. Sam Baz is a local St. Louis artist. He has participated in local shows. His work focuses on themes of surrealism, fantasy, and the horror genre, yet maintaining a level of humor (usually a bit dark). Sam aims to capture these themes using techniques from realism and photorealism.

Slasher Series

In this series of oil paintings Sam explores the archetypal nature of contemporary horror movie icons. By placing these characters from our current fictional mythology into compositions takes from classical artists like William Adolf Bouguereau, Diego Velasquez and Jean-Leon Gerome,  Sam examines the nature of the Boogeyman archetype, and how it is recycled repetitively throughout the mythologies of history. Additionally, he simply finds it ridiculous and silly to think of these gruesome figures, often associated with fear (or in some cases cheesy cornball oneliners), depicted in such a classical manner usually reserved for individuals or stories of great importance.

Contact Sam Baz for

portraits (family, individual, pet)
original works in fantasy or surrealism
lectures/ talks
lessons/ workshops
or even just to be added to the mailing list!

Regarding Commissions

2D works
Drawings – $75/ sqft
Paintings – $150/sqft

3D works (Sculpture, Metalsmithed items, etc.)
Price is 3x cost of production



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