July 10, 2018 11:30 am

For those who wish to pay less for rent, there are properties called “wake-ari” in Japan. Where the rent can be half the regular price. Why? It’s because you might experience something unusual while living there.

The “wake-ari” locations are where murders, suicides, or any type of mortality incident happened in the past, and the owner of the residence has the obligation to tell the truth to the prospective tenant. The new tenant must understand that some kind of paranormal phenomena – footstep noise, rapping sound, or poltergeist phenomena – could possibly occur at the residence. Some people suffer from nightmares every night and some even see something otherworldly. The wake-ari rooms definitely aren’t for everyone, but they would be perfect if you are fearless of such bizarre phenomena and want to save some money!

Luckily for you, you now have the chance to hear real stories from the renters who have actually lived in those rooms having horrified experience. J-Edge, the first Amazon Prime Video channel dedicated to Japanese horror and suspense movies and TV series with English subtitles, has the collection of the raw footage and actual stories of the real wake-ari properties.

Thanks to the abundance of smart phones and surveillance cameras we now are able to bring to you not only the footage of the wake-ari properties, but a large collection of found footages showcasing the bizarre and creepy side of living in Japan. J-Edge is a new streaming service giving horror fans unprecedented access to hundreds of hours of never-seen-before movies and TV series.

J-Edge now offers 400 horror tales including stories of Yokai (Japanese monster), hair-raising urban legends, psychological thrillers, and much more. New titles are added every week.
Are you ready to be a J-horror freak? Try J-Edge 7 days for free on Amazon Prime Video today!

Check out all the series at amazon.com/channels/jedge and follow J-Edge on Facebook at facebook.com/JEdgeTV/.

And don’t forget to ask for a cheaper rent if you have experienced any paranormal phenomena at your place!

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