August 15, 2018 10:00 am

A44 is a Dramatic Thriller created by Chris Cooney and written by Chris Cooney and award-winning screenwriter and bestselling author, Brooklyn Hudson.


A college student is driven to find the source of a mysterious illness that appears to be originating from the meat and dairy supply, and renders the community, mindless killers.

24-year-old Harley Landon lives in a small town where everybody knows each other. When a stomach bug mysteriously strikes, violence ensues, and the town of Amherst begin to turn on one another, mutating into rabid killers.

Harley, a life-long vegan, appears unaffected by the plague and takes to the road in search of a cure, with his loyal companion, Indy, a German Shepherd, and Vanessa, the object of his affection.

After meeting Jerry, a savvy biochemist, he is led to Dr. Hamilton, who has developed a prototype vaccine. The only problem is funding has been terminated, hindering her research of the virus.

With those close to him perishing, Harley will do anything to stop the spread of the disease and survive. In a harrowing fight, he is forced to decide between saving his own life and saving the life of his best-friend, Indy.

Now, Harley will never be the same.

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