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Send shivers down your spine this Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and as most of us know, it can be a scary time of year. Having to cook a massive meal for numerous people, the fear of not getting the right gift for that special someone, or even having to interact with relatives so repulsive that you’d rather chew your own fingers off. So then, why not take control of the scares and get some relaxation away from the madness by watching these horror themed movies that will leave you feeling festive.

A Black Christmas Classic – Black Christmas, 1974

Black Christmas is an absolute classic in horror movies with a Christmas theme. In fact, it’s such a classic that it has been remade twice, with the most recent offering coming out this month. But why bother with the remakes when the original is so good? It’s a movie about a girls college sorority house that has a killer stalking around picking them off one by one. Sounds pretty original right… Well actually it was, coming out in 1974, a full four years before Halloween and it can actually make a claim to be one of the original slasher movies. Plus, the atmospheric soundtrack and snowy setting will give you that warm fuzzy feeling as you watch the killer take out yet another hapless victim.

Busting Makes You Feel Good – Ghostbusters, 1984

Now you might think of Ghostbusters as being more of a comedy rather than a horror. After all, it was directed by Ivan Reitman who also made the hilarious Stripes which, interestingly enough, is another flick that features on Christmas countdowns. And you’d be right, it definitely is more comedic than horrifying, with Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd turning in career high performances of witty banter. Though that’s not to say it’s without its scares, the possessed gargoyles dragging Sigourney Weaver’s screaming character into her own kitchen being a particular highlight. You might wonder where the Christmas vibes are coming from as well, and strictly speaking, no, this isn’t a Christmas movie. Yet, at the end of the movie, the whole of New York comes together to cheer on the Ghostbusters as they go about saving the world from demonic destruction. And isn’t that what Christmas is really all about, uniting people and bringing them all together to shine light on the darkness in the world? Plus, if they can manage to do it to one of the biggest cities in the world, then it should inspire hope that you can at least manage it with your loved ones and hangers on.

Snacking After Midnight – Gremlins, 1984

This is another movie that is not an absolute fright-fest, yet it would be a huge crime to not include it for horror fans to enjoy at the holiday season. Also, there’s enough paranormal things going on at this time of year to give you a chill, that sometimes it’s enjoyable to focus on a bit of warmth. Gremlins is a movie about a cute critter named Gizmo who makes a delightful Christmas gift as long as you follow the three rules; don’t get him wet, don’t expose him to bright light and lastly, don’t feed him past midnight. As you’d expect, the rules get broken and Gizmo births creatures that are more mean and murderous than cute and cuddly. Chaos then reigns as the Gremlins take over the picturesque town, and it’s up to Gizmo and his owner Billy to restore order. It’s such a beloved movie that it got released again in cinemas this year. Just make sure, when you watch it, to cover the ears of any true Christmas believers when Phoebe Cates’ character gives her brutal monologue on why she’s a scrooge.

Caption: What evils could be coming down your chimney?

Santa’s Evil Twin – Krampus, 2015

This movie is basically an imagining of what would happen if there was an evil version of Santa and it is based on European folklore. Santa would bring the good children gifts, but Krampus would punish the naughty ones in nasty ways. Yikes, that makes receiving a lump of coal seem a delightful and well thought out treat. The bad events in this film unfold after the young character Max feels disillusioned with the Christmas spirit after one argument too many at the dining table. He then runs upstairs and rips up his letter to Santa that he was going to send, which unleashes a curse on the household. After that, a whole array of monstrous Christmas themed creatures descend upon Max and his family as they have to come together to try to fight them off. It has a real twist ending that seems to be as divisive as Brussels sprouts, but it’s a good way to get those around you to enjoy the festivities by reminding them that one argument too many, and Krampus could be knocking on your door.

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