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Movies are the greatest form of entertainment apart from playing online casino games or real money online pokies. This is because they are fun, educative, and also interesting. There are different genres just like in music, you can never get bored a there is a lot to enjoy. Talking about genres, horror is one genre for strong minded people. The movies are scary; they keep you at the edge of your sit half the time. But that’s just where the fun is. When a horror movie becomes too good and funny it has lost its touch. Here is a list of horror movies that ended up being lame and funny instead of being scary and creepy.


This 1988 movie takes the first spot because of how silly the movie. After failing to get rid of the humans that were now staying in their home, two ghosts unleash Beetlejuice an annoying and not so scary demon to do the job for them. Well that didn’t go so well, the ghosts ended up even helping with the kid’s homework. This is a movie you can sing along to and you can spend the whole time laughing and waiting for the horror part. Guess what you won’t get to see it.


Imagine rats killing humans, the picture itself makes you laugh. That is what you should be prepared to see when you watch Ben. This movie is about a boy who was very lonely. He then gets to befriend a rat named Ben. Together with an army of rodents the rat protects the kid from bullies. the rodent then starts to kill. It may seem creepy but trust me you should watch it and get the real picture. While at it, you can check out https://www.rivernilecasino.com/ for horror-themed online slots.

The Craft

This 1996 movie shows revenge on another level. After she gets bullied a girl decides to get back at the bullies with witchcraft. You can imagine what comes afterwards. Some of her friends who were also witches turned against. It became a battle to prove power among the witches. It’s not a bad movie but we cannot necessarily call it a horror movie.

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