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The word horror can be found in all the languages and some what’s the scariest movies of all may be the ones that are made by Asian filmmakers. There’s reliable in a lot of changes in the horror movies throughout the history from time to time in America, moving from the classic monsters and creatures created out in the atomic period to the real-life monsters and killers.

In 1990, Hollywood did pick up on a new trend when it came to horror films, especially the ones in Asia. It doesn’t matter if it was from the Japanese or the Koreans, America started remaking them left and right, some becoming masterpieces, while others not so much.

You can read more about these movies here, and more about the Asian culture as a whole. For now, we’ve curated a list of the seven best movies that are sure to leave a chill running down your spine this quarantine.

Dark water (2002)

Just forget about the American film with Jennifer Connelly as the lead which was made in 2005. if you want to see a terrifying horror movie made by Asians, you have to take a look at the 2002 original film by Hideo Nakata. This movie is based upon the short stories by Koji Suzuki; Dark Water follows a divorced mom who has to move into an old rotten apartment with her daughter. In this movie, there is a water-based spirit who haunts her and forces her to do anything possible to protect her child.

Pulse (2001)

The word Pulse in Japanese is known as Kairo. This is a new take on the ideas that were presented in “The Grudge”. Rather than showing a few kids watching a videotape and ending up with a vengeful spirit hunting them down, instead of that this one officer’s evil spirits which travel throughout the internet. This particular film hills in the dangers of the internet and the technology which motivates a person into suicide and starts to increase the feeling as the spirit begins to make their way into the world through the world wide web. This is not like many usual horror movies involving a lot of evil spirits, and this movie plays out in a different kind of slow burn that is also terrifying at the same time and gives us a whole look at the society which is losing control.

The Wailing (2016)

The wailing is a movie that could be tough for a lot of people to watch as this is the period of the coronavirus pandemic. This was released back in 2016. The wailing is a movie that tells the story of a man who has just arrived from Japan along with a disease that continuously spreads through the village he enters. It then keeps on to lead into a history and a lot of death as the film is followed on by a police officer who comes to the infection to find out what the pain feels like that the film won a lot of awards by the Asian film federation and was a massive critical success.

The Eye 3 (2005)

A movie which was released in America as the eye 3, the Asian title of this movie was the eye ten and is only a sequel to the first two movies in the name alone. There are a few ways in which its surface is the original and is also so very superior to the sequel part. The pang brothers directed this. It has equal similar parts, Quentin Tarantino and Wes craven.

In this movie, a particular group of Asian teams decides to play a game that involves black magic, in which they find different ways to see ghosts. The thing which they didn’t expect was that the methods would work. And that they would soon find themselves haunted by vengeful spirits. This movie has a lot of series which consists of vignette which keeps on descending for the into madness.

I Saw The Devil (2010)

I saw the devil is a unique type of horror movie, which is a thriller consisting of dark undertones, and it also includes numerous amount of violence. The storyline follows a national intelligence service agent named Kim soo-Hyun who sets out to seek vengeance on the people who killed and mutilated his fiancee. It will look like a man who has just started looking for revenge, but a turn of events leads to a violent rampage with blood sprouting out everywhere. This film was screened at sundance and got unlimited our release in 2011 where it won several critic awards for best foreign-language film.

A Tale Of Two Sisters (2003)

Affirm, which was ready-made by Hollywood as the uninvited, the film which was released in 2002 in South Korea as a horror movie A Tale Of Two Sisters is superior in every way possible. This movie starts with a young girl released from a mental institution who returns to her home where her father and young sister the reunion with her stepmother is kind of less joyful. The movie leads to a scene where she starts to see the ghost of her deceased mother. She then begins to wonder if there was more to her mom’s death than initially thought, and her eyes turn to her stepmother. This kind of looks like it would be heading to the spoiler territory, so we’ll stop here for now. But A tale of two sisters is a twisted Asian horror movie and one of the best of its kind.

Ju-on: The Grudge (2002)

In the year 2004 Hollywood released The grudge with Sarah Michelle Gellar leading the cast to a numerous amount of critics. It was so popular that it had received to sequels but couldn’t meet to the horror of the original Japanese version titled Ju-on The grudge.

This movie was released back in 2002, and it was III in the series, but first, you get a theatrical release. The Legend follows this movie that when a person dies in a jealous rage, acres remain behind. This kind of curse then keeps on repeating itself consistently over and over in the future at the location where the first death occurred. It was a huge success, and there have been named Japanese movies in the series, and another American version of this movie series is going to be released in 2020.

Have you enjoyed the movies listed above? If yes, go and search more about Asian horror films and you can find a lot. Be sure to read more of the summary before watching the movie so you can still understand what you are watching despite the screams and fear you are going to experience.


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