April 23, 2020 3:08 pm

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, one Alien fan has taken the opportunity to create a mask based on the Facehugger aliens from the iconic series.

An Alien facehugger inspired face mask is creepy and effective against coronavirus. Having celebrated its 40thanniversary in 2019, Ridley Scott’s iconic sci-fi horror film continues to find relevance in real life – even, apparently, during the most challenging of times.

It was impossible to know back in 2019 during the far-reaching Alien anniversary celebrations that 2020 would bring an actual threat to humanity. Part of what made Alien so frightening was the isolation experienced by human beings while dealing with something never seen before. And although the coronavirus (aka COVID-19) isn’t the first pandemic to challenge humanity, it is indeed a novel virus, meaning that scientists and citizens have never experienced anything like it before. In addition to preventative measures such as social distancing and lockdown/quarantining, many people around the world have taken to wearing masks when out in public. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult for citizens to get their hands on masks. Fortunately, people can make their own adequate replacements, and some have even gotten very creative with this practice.

To add a little levity to the issue of wearing a mask, Facebook user Lady Frankenstein added images of an extraordinary homemade mask. By taking a cue from Alien, the mask in question was made to resemble the classic film’s dreaded facehugger. Victims of the facehugger later experienced the slightly uncomfortable arrival of an alien, but thankfully, Lady Frankenstein’s mask will ultimately keep its wearer far safer than the facehugger’s victims. You can check out the numerous photos of this creepy yet quite brilliant creation in the gallery below:

Clearly, this is a project that had a lot of work put into it. Though the text is in German, a translation reveals that this project is a one-off, which will likely come as a disappointment to many Alien fans out there. Despite being asked by followers, Lady Frankenstein does not appear to have any plans for selling the masks. However, now that it’s been proven that a facehugger mask is entirely possible to make, the more determined Alien fans out there have a model for making one of their own. It likely wouldn’t be an easy process, but then again, nothing is easy right now.

As for those of us who aren’t Alien fans, seeing someone walking down the street in this sort of getup can be both disturbing and downright gross. Still, even the queasiest of us has to admit that this is pretty creative. It might not be quite what everyone wants to see when out getting necessary supplies for the ongoing lockdowns, but it does prove that even in the worst of situations, people are still capable of creativity and of making strange yet amusing alterations to our current reality.

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This post was written by Nadia Vella