November 14, 2022 10:19 am

Sideworld: New Paranormal Folk Horror Docuentaries.

The films are atmospheric cinematic experiences, exploring a trove of real-life paranormal encounters, haunted locations, ghost stories and folklore. The films ‘…HAUNTED FORESTS OF ENGLAND’, ‘…TERRORS OF THE SEA’ & our newly released ‘…DAMNATION VILLAGE’ are now available to rent on Prime Video, and FREE TO WATCH on Tubi & The Roku Channel.

The films cover a wide variety of paranormal topics including: Demon Dogs, Ghost Ships, Sea Monsters, Haunted Villages, Cryptids, and even Aliens.

“When the line between fact and fiction is enshrouded in mist and shadow, beyond that threshold is a place that can change our perspective on everything we think we know. I call this place… the Sideworld.”

GEORGE POPOV (Director & Narrator)


Sideworld: Damnation Village

Exploring three of England’s most haunted villages.

Sideworld: Terrors of the Sea

Exploring sea based folk horror, including ghost ships, sea monsters & vengeful mermaids. 

Sideworld: Haunted Forests of England

Exploring three of England’s most haunted forests.

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