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Never has Dr. Jeremy Fishleder forgotten the massive creature he glimpsed as a child, staring back at him from the edge of the Florida wilds. Strange and terrifying, the encounter would go on to inform his dual careers: one, as a professor of zoology, the other as a less formal researcher of the weird, probing the obscure landscape where Bigfoot and any other half-mythic beast might just be hiding.

Prompted by a health scare and an academic shake-up, Jeremy takes a long-overdue sabbatical for a road trip around the United States, all to places of strange repute. Three recent graduates decide to join him and, as they delve into the wilds of earth and steel, together they discover secrets hidden in the shadows of outer as well as inner nature.

The book was rated 9.75 out of 10 by Publishers Weekly’s BookLife Prize.

About the Author

Mike Robinson is an award-winning author, editor and book coach, based in Los Angeles.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mike Robinson is the award-winning author of multiple speculative fiction novels and dozens of short stories which have appeared in the likes of 2019’s American Gothic Fantasy anthology, Storyteller Magazine, A Woman Unbecoming, Underland Arcana and more. He has received honors from Writers of the Future, Publishers Weekly’s BookLife Contest, the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Maxy Awards and others, and is also the editor of J.P. Barnett’s popular, award-winning “Lorestalker” series.

In between, he hikes (often with his two dogs), swims, draws, tries to learn the didgeridoo and, yes, has even been known to actually write a screenplay or two, some of which have received their own notices.

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